What is your dream for the church?

We posed a question to our peeps on Twitter Wednesday and your responses have been wonderful!

We asked…

Dream for the church
What's your dream for the church?

Here’s what you had to say…

@sbpodcast To stop tearing each other down

@sbpodcast That we actually live like we are parts of One Body instead of different islands at war with each other.

@sbpodcast to be Jesus in every community and not just do Jesus.

@sbpodcast that it becomes less about which building you go to and more about how you live your life.

@sbpodcast to realise we are it rather than it is a place we go to.

@sbpodcast to realise God loves everyone… not just the church. And Jesus is everyone’s… not just the church’s. Tx

@sbpodcast that we focus less on religion on more on Christ. #dream4church

@sbpodcast to stop doing church like an organisation and do it as an organism.

@sbpodcast That we are the hands and feet of Jesus, serving the world and showing it the light of God.

@sbpodcast Honesty, to ourselves about who/ what we are and to the world

@sbpodcast A dream 4 the Church. That it will truly live the radical hospitality that it claims 2 have! #transform #outlawpreachers

@sbpodcast A place where trust is never broken and friends really are friends for life.

@sbpodcast My dream is ‘no walls’

And from Facebook…

Paul Partridge: basically to show God’s love

I so hope we’ll all fight to see these dreams come true.

May we be known as a people excited and working towards the church we wish to see (as Tripp Fuller mentions in his interview) rather than a people bent on angst and ignoring the very thing we love so much.

We’ll try and keep posting updates as they come in – or you can post your thoughts in the comments below.

kevin hendricks :: 3.16

Kevin Hendricks and family

this week we catch up with Kevin Hendricks and what’s been going on with him and his family since our first chat in 2008. he talks about being a stay at home dad, the adoption of his son Milo, bald birthday benefit, charity:water and his new book, Addition by Adoption.

we strongly encourage you to order his new book — not only is it a great read, but a portion of the proceeds go directly to building a new water well in Ethiopia.

The book will be available from Amazon.com on May 11 for $9.99.

Or you can pre-order now through April 20:

Pre-order now!

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justice friday

today (and every friday) is justice friday on the web…

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