7 podcasts you may have missed

If you’re new to the podcast, or even if you’ve been a long-time listener, there may be some podcasts out there that you’ve missed.

I thought I’d put together a list of some of them, inspired by Darren Rowse’s 7 Links challenge (with a few adaptations for our site).

Perhaps I can get Thomas and Stewart (and maybe even Travis) to follow suite.

1. My First Podcast

My first podcast was the “premiere” episode of the something beautiful podcast, in which Thomas and I chat about our vision and dream for the podcast: 052208 (beta). However my first official interview for the podcast was a couple weeks later with Chad Crawford (episode 1.2).

2. The podcast I enjoyed doing most

There are countless interviews I’ve loved doing over the past 2+ years. Lindsay Cofield, Andrew Jones, Phil Shepherd, Paula Spurr, Brandt Russo and many, many others. But probably my all time favorite still has to be my interview with Trucker Frank (Frank Schutzwohl) we had such a great time that like several others, we had to split it into two episodes.

3. A podcast that has had a great discussion

Perhaps unfortunately, many of the comments I hear about our podcasts don’t take place here on our website. They may be via Twitter, Facebook messages, email or face-to-face. I think of the two podcasts that have led to the most discussions I’ve been involved in, have been Thomas’ inteview with Adele Sakler (part 1 and part 2) and then Adele’s interview with Peter Rollins. Of my own interviews, I’ve probably had more more discussions about my interview with Andrew Jones and my first chat with Greg Garrett (part 1, part 2) more than any others.

4. A podcast episode on someone else’s podcast I wish I had done

Chad and Tripp get the winner on this one. And it’s a such a close race it’s hard to pick a true winner – so I give you my top 4 (two of them with Craig Atwood)!

5. A podcast you’re most proud of

Another tough one to narrow down… but I’m going to go with two very personal podcasts – My Dad and My Grandma.

6. A podcast I wish more people had listened to

I think by far, I wish more people had listened to the interview with Lindsay Cofield. It was early on in our podcast and it’s one that I gained a lot of inspiration from.

7. Our most listened to podcast

Podcasts are somewhat hard to track (Google Analytics doesn’t play as well with mp3 downloads as with page visits) and quite honestly, I’ve been slack in tracking our downloads this year after moving web hosts twice. But… according to Google Analytics, our top visited podcast has been our interview with Greg Holder. However, according to statician, Margino Verror, our current holder for the most downloaded/listened to podcast goes to Mark Horvath (part 1, part 2).

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