adopt a Jesus (trailer)

have you seen the new trailer for Brandt’s Russo’s documentary? they’ve settled on a title (adopt a Jesus) and Brandt says production is coming along great. he’s wrapping up a lot of the voice-over work this week.

we can’t wait to see it!

in chatting with Brandt recently (via facebook) he says the entire movie is being self-produced, self-distributed, self-marketed — so they can use all the help they can get to get this message out. we’ll do all we can to help — hope you will too!

share the trailer on your blogs, twitter, facebook, myspace and elsewhere, join the facebook group, tell your friends about it and then see if you can organize a public screening in your area once the movie is out (scheduled for August of this year).

and then let us know what you think once the movie comes out…

can’t wait!

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