Sara Miles – The Work of Ordinary Saints

Another beautiful story from Spencer Burke and TheOozeTv:

The ability to act as Jesus acts is not something that belongs exclusively to ordained clergy or ‘holy” people, but is something we all have by the simple virtue of being human and having God’s life breathed into us. These are the hopeful words of author Sara Miles in her ThinkFWD interview with Spencer Burke.

Sara’s recent book, Jesus Freak, is based on her belief that ordinary people are “authorized and empowered to do Jesus’ work of feeding, healing and raising the dead.” The Spirit moves through all people in every time and place, says Sarah, and the term “saints” refers to all of God’s holy people. Whether working in a food pantry, at the office, or conversing with friends—we are about God’s work.

Sara is the director of the Food Pantry at St. Gregory’s Episcopal Church in San Francisco. Each week the food pantry is set up in the center of the church and over 600 families in need gather to receive food. “It’s like a farmer’s market in heaven,” laughs Sara. “We are gathered around an altar and surrounded by saints. Everything is free and everyone is welcome.” In keeping with the “we’re all saints doing God’s work” philosophy, the Food Pantry is run by volunteers, many of whom came to get food, and stayed to help out.

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