Reading through the Bible in 2009


One of our goals this year is to read through the Bible. Thomas, Stewart and I are both working on this – hopefully I’ll do better on this than the weight challenge.

I was challenged to do this once when I was in high school by a former youth pastor who asked us the question, “Do you believe everything in the Bible is true?”

Of course the church youth group answer was always, “Yes.”

“Have you read all of it?”

“Uh, no.”

“Well then how do you know it’s true?”

I got his point. I set out and read the entire book of Scripture over the next couple years. And yet it still amazes me how reading it in a new version or just simply reading the same passage again brings passages alive again and again.

We’re both using the plan offered by and with their handy website, RSS feeds, Blackberry and iPhone apps – FOR FREE – you can follow along wherever you are.

Who’s with us?

If you join up and follow along – connect with us. Let’s share in the journey together.

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