Serving rather than being served

I went with my wife and two daughters to see “Thor” yesterday. It’s a great film… imho… with a strong story underpinning a visual treat.

To cut a long story short… for those of you that haven’t seen the film… Thor is banished to Earth for causing trouble and has to, in essence, get over himself… get rid of his arrogance and pride… before he can regain his position as the Son of Odin and Heir to the throne.

There are two scenes that signify this transformation:

  1. In the first one (before he “gets it”) he is in a diner and demands to be served… by smashing, as was his custom, his cup on the floor.
  2. In the second one (after he “gets it”) he is seen serving his companions breakfast… a breakfast he made himself.

The transformation is apparent… the served has become the server.

When we consider our spiritual expression… this is a prime example of someone “dying to self”. No longer are we concerned with what we can gain… we put our neighbour before ourselves and seek to serve them.

This isn’t some “pie in the sky” philosophy or political ideal… this is the life we are called to. This is the plan the God invites us to participate in.

I always remember a wee acronym I learned as a bairn in Sunday School. The secret of JOY is…

Jesus first… Yourself last… and Others in-between (and… noticeably… before you)

Ask yourself this… is serving others in the centre of all I seek to do? Or do I want my neighbours to serve me?

This is a vitally important question… it’s the difference between merely living and living a life in all it’s fulness.

So with this in mind… please share the more innovative things you are doing in your spaces and places to serve others.


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