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Shaun Groves and eight others are about to embark on another Compassion Bloggers trip. Sunday they’ll be meeting up in Chicago and heading off to India to report on the work Compassion International is doing there.

We’d like to ask all of our listeners to join these bloggers in their journey.

Here’s ther assignment – straight from Shaun:

1. Pray: Already there have been small setbacks as we prepare to depart for India. A couple bloggers are already dealing with minor illness. All of us are leaving someone we love behind. All of us are a little nervous about the long hours of travel. The twelve hour time difference will hit us hard once we arrive. The heat will threaten dehydration. Typhoid, meningitis, and other ailments are not uncommon in the areas we will be visiting. So there is a great deal to be prayed through believing that God is listening, powerful and present with us.

2. Follow: We’ve made it as easy as we can for the world to read every post, see every picture and watch every video from this trip daily. A snippet of every post, every pic and video will be uploaded to this page. A Facebook group has been created not only to generate prayer and encouragement for our bloggers but also to share links to posts, pics and videos. A few of us will be attempting to use Twitter while in India. Here are our addresses:

We will also be using the hashtag #CompassionIndia to mark every tweet. Searching for that on Twitter should bring up all of our tweets for easy perusal. This is the link to the trip’s RSS feed. Subscribing to the feed will send a snippet of every post from every blogger to your RSS reader.

– If you’d prefer to follow the trip by visiting each blog here are their addresses:

Pete Wilson –
Melissa Fitzpatrick –
Angela Smith –
Robin Dance –

Keely Scott –

Anne Jackson –

Spence Smith –
Patricia Jones –
Shaun Groves –

3. Link:
Share any of the links above with your readers.
ReTweet on Twitter.
Invite your Facebook friends to join our group.
Post a widget in your sidebar:
Or a banner:
Please link the banners to

4. Encourage:
Leave a comment for our bloggers or drop them an e-mail letting them know you’re reading. Give us some feedback. Sometimes, on these trips, bloggers begin to wonder if what they’re doing is connecting with anyone. Let them know when it does!

The response to this trip is already greater than to any other we’ve taken. These bloggers are incredible communicators, huge fans of Compassion’s ministry, and are already having great impact with their words. Please help them release more children from poverty by praying, following, linking and encouraging them between now and May 2nd. Thank you in advance for all you’ll do for the children of India.

And thank you for using your on-line voice to speak for children in the developing world.

There you have it. Join the conversation and see God’s Kingdom at work.

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