helping the homeless in ellis county

this week on the show we’ll talk with Joy Ranton, executive director for Daniel’s Den in Waxahachie, Texas. Joy shared several needs she has right now at the shelter before our scheduled interview. we encourage you to read over the list and see if there are ways you may be able to help. if you’re interested please contact us via the listener line or email.

Always, first and foremost…prayers. I applied for a grant in January that we will hear about in May. If it is still under consideration, it is in the final review phase right now. If we receive it, we will be able to provide increased services (day care, counseling etc.) and some type of housing assistance for men. Please pray about that specifically.

Material needs: Chicken, ground meat, coffee filters, creamer, laundry baskets (6 Large), baby bed and mattress, twin bed frame (no headboard), gas stove, new front screen door (metal, solid bottom, screen top), men’s jeans (32 & 34 x miscellaneous), large backpacks (for men), rain ponchos, small ladder…yada, yada, yada.

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