Purchase calling cards to help the victims of slave trade

From onevoicetoendslavery.com

Through differing relationships we (together) have been presented with the opportunity to help 42 labor trafficking survivors make ongoing and necessary phone calls with their families in Indonesia, Dominican Republic, and the Philippians.

Purchase ‘International Calling Cards” and send them to the address below…

Where to Find these Cards?
You can purchase International Calling Cards at your local Walgreens, Costco, local grocery stores, and even online.

How many minutes should the cards have on them?
We suggest at least 30 minutes +
Even send multiple cards.

Address to send cards?
Jacobs Well
attn: Shana Puckett
1617 West 42nd St
KC, MO 64111

Please let drop a note of encouragement to the unknown individual that might receive this gift.

Thanks for participating, spread the word through twitter (@endingslavery), facebook etc…

To read more about the bust click here.

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