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Something Beautiful is a weekly experiment in podcasting. We hope it truly becomes stories worth talking about. Stories about God, life, friends, family and why it all matters.

Join us each week as share the stories of the intersection between God and life.

I do want more of these. What a good idea. I don’t always listen ot my own podcast, but I do enjoy this one regularly. – Tripp @ Homebrewed Christianity Podcast

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Listen to some of our favorite episodes:

  • Tony Campolo

    Dr. Tony Campolo

    Dr. Tony Campolo is Professor Emeritus of Sociology at Eastern University, a former faculty member at the University of Pennsylvania, and the founder and president of the Evangelical Association for the Promotion of Education.

  • Brian McLaren

    Brian McLaren

    Brian Mclaren has been named one of time magazines most influential evangelicals and he’s been called the “godfather of the emergent church.” He’s an author, speaker, activist, and theologian.

  • Trucker Frank

    Frank Schutzwhol

    Frank Schutzwhol (aka Trucker Frank) has become an inspiration as well as a bit of a celebrity after being highlighted in Tony Jones’ book, “The New Christians” as well as the promotional videos for the book.

  • Mark Horvath

    Mark Horvath

    Mark Horvath is a homeless advocate whose using twitter and other social media to increase awareness about the growing issue of homelessness here in America. not only does Mark see these issues daily on the streets, he’s also lived them himself.

  • Andrew Jones

    Andrew Jones

    Andrew Jones (aka Tall Skinny Kiwi) has been recognized by many as one of the top Christian/Church bloggers. He shares about his emerging faith and how he’s evolved from a street evangelist, to an event driven ministery, to a real incarnational and relational way of sharing Jesus with others.

  • Adele Sakler

    Adele Sakler

    Adele Sakler (aka Existential Punk) grew up in a typical Protestant Christian family but in high school and college began to struggle with the issues between her faith and her attraction to other women. She’s now come to peace with the fact that she’s gay and a follower of The Way.

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This modern technology has got me driving up the wall. I’m glad you’ve redeemed a small part of it for the Kingdom of God. – Tony Campolo

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